Check out what our Makers built!

Final Projects from Demo Day on the last day of June:

If you missed our last Demo Day, here’s your chance to see what our latest cohort built during the final two weeks of the course.

Five teams stood up before friends and family, colleagues and employers to present what they’d learnt. Each 7 minute presentation explains what they built, how they built it, successes and struggles.

It’s always impressive to see just how much can be achieved in the last two weeks, and this cohort was no different. Between them, teams built a web browser, two games, an interactive captcha and a collaborative online whiteboard!

Watch the presentations to find out how Makers overcome the challenges of working together and learning new tech:

Project Z

Team Platypus

Team Captcha

Team BYO


So there you have it. An entire cohort of software engineers, standing up in front of a crowded room to present their MVPs. All these products were created in under two weeks using frameworks picked up along the way. The tech learning curve was steep, and navigating the challenges of communication and team collaboration — even steeper!

We love to turn the traditional image of a coder on its head. If you’d like to come to our next Demo Day and see for yourself what our next batch of Makers have cooked up: grab your ticket here.

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