How can you utilise the Apprenticeship Levy to launch products with confidence?

We have all experienced the highs and lows of launching a new product. Months (if not years) of work has been building to a nail biting moment. All eyes across the business watching with high hopes as the reputation of the company and your team are all at stake. Sleepless nights spent worrying about its success and the relentless fear that once it goes live bugs and faults will start to surface. The pressure is immense.

Apart from a lot of Xanax and nerves of steel, having an incredible software tester or indeed testing team onboard from the very start makes this moment a lot more enjoyable, dissolves the risk, and allows you to move forward with confidence (not fear) when it comes to pushing the “live” button.

Every product launch, big or small, is at risk without quality testing. Quality assurance is the new frontier separating good from great digital products. For these reasons, Software Tester hiring is booming.

Top 4 reasons building out your in-house software testing capabilities is essential in today’s digital world

  1. Higher customer satisfaction and retention: Seamless experiences are satisfying ones. Those not so seamless are just pure frustration and can stop customers using you, lower LTV and put you at risk of bad reviews! Having a great software testing team can mitigate all the risks of launching a bad product and make sure customer satisfaction is delivered.
  2. Increased security: Bugs in code can seriously compromise data security, Data breaches, by law, have to be communicated to all those exposed. It’s not a good look, dissolves brand trust, and can lose your loyal customers and future ones overnight.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: One of the top reasons why companies have in-house software testing teams is down to cost. The faster you find a bug (esp in the early phases of development) the cost to fix it can be reduced to a fraction of the spend required later down the line — in 2015, a software bug caused the Royal Bank of Scotland to be slapped with a £66 million fine due to delays in customer payments — ouch!
  4. Speed to market: Without a dedicated testing team that can test throughout a product lifecycle build, releases can be delayed as you scramble to fix bugs only caught in the final phases that could then be time consuming and costly to fix than had they been found earlier in the process.

How can you grow your company’s software testing capabilities without breaking the bank?

Given the tech skills gap and rising salaries for professionals in this field, being able to grow your own software tester talent pipeline is a huge advantage in the current market. Just like software and dev-ops, you can now grow your own software tester talent through apprenticeship schemes and utilise the Apprenticeship Levy to fully fund the training! The Levy can be used to bring in new recruits or to upskill your existing workforce that would like a career change.

Makers *NEW* Software Tester Apprenticeship

Excitingly — Makers has just launched a new Level 4 Software Testing Apprenticeship programme based on the same educational philosophy as our successful and renowned software engineering training.

Makers are a great hiring and training partner offering:

  • Front-loaded training — so your apprentice will be able to add value as soon as they land within your teams.
  • A refined selection process — that identifies quality and agile talent that will excel in your company.
  • Inclusivity — We champion the power of potential versus solely relying on educational background. We can help support those excluded or failed by the educational system to change their lives and thrive in tech.
  • Diversity attraction — to help you create diverse and inclusive testing teams that represent the communities your products serve. Over 46% of Makers alumni identify as women or non-binary (industry average: 19%) and 54% are from an under-represented background.
  • Quality training and ongoing support- that makes sure apprentices excel. 46% of our apprenticeships pass with merit of distinction and move into mid-level positions faster than the industry average.

Makers continue to be one of the top registered Tech Apprenticeship Training Providers in the UK and are regulated by Ofsted (read the full report from Ofsted here).



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