Listen to Will Bentinck, Head of Careers Interviewed on the AWS Podcast

Amazon’s Startup Stories Issue #6

Hiring is important to get right at every organisation, especially at startups. Our very own Will Bentinck, talks with the ex-VP of YoYo Wallet on tech recruitment and employer brand.

“I recognised there was a problem in tech recruitment and Makers Academy is an excellent solution to that. I took on the responsibility of encouraging employers to consider people who might not have a Computer Science degree.”

Listen to the 30 minute podcast for some insider insights on how to attract top candidates and improve your employer brand:


“Describe the job, don’t describe the person you’re looking for — and let the candidate recognise that they are the right person for the job.

If you start describing characteristics, or attributes or qualities of the person that you’re looking for you’re automatically excluding people who would otherwise be very good at doing the job.”

Will Bentinck, Manchester 2016

“Most engineers want to learn things — they don’t want to stagnate in their job, at least the ones we’re hiring for high growth startups.”

Interested in finding out how your organisation could improve its tech recruitment? Speak to a member of the Careers team today.

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