Neurodiversity Celebration Week

2 min readMar 19, 2024

In honour of Neurodiversity Celebration Week, we’re privileged to be celebrating the unique strengths and perspectives of neurodiverse individuals. At Makers, we believe diversity in all its forms enriches our workplace and drives innovation. Today, we’re excited to feature Hunor, one of our tech coaches, who shares his experience in tech as a neurodiverse individual.

Hunor studied at Makers back in 2018, then entered industry where he worked as a developer for 4+ years!

Hunor returning to Makers as a graduate to take part in the Company Team Day

In the tech industry, there’s often pressure to conform to certain work styles. How have you embraced your neurodiversity, both as a developer and now as a coach?

“When I worked as a software engineer, I was lucky because the environment naturally helped me do well. It was because I was able to both pair or work on my own. When working on my own, I had enough SPACE to get my mind into the task and to be able to focus deeply for long amount of time. When pairing, I was able to keep focus even when the task was super hard. Right now, knowing in advance what I will do next day is what gives me comfort.”

Hunor with Makers teammates Matt and Paul

As a Tech Coach at Makers, you now have the opportunity to guide and mentor aspiring developers from diverse backgrounds. How do you tailor your coaching approach to accommodate different learning styles, including neurodiverse individuals?

“I use techniques which accommodate all learners. I started using more diagrams, so that learners can build a mental picture of the sometimes complex concepts we’re learning about. We put all our workshops in the calendar for the week so all learners can see and be prepared for these. One thing, I am still improving at as a coach, is to have ALL my workshops interactive. If a neurodiverse brain is not stimulated or challenged enough in a call, for example, if I only speak for 45 minutes in a workshop, it will be become very tired. So I make sure that all students are well stimulated during my workshops, with making the workshop interactive.”

What advice would you give to individuals with ADHD who are considering pursuing a career in software development or a similar field?

“If you already know you’re neurodiverse or have ADHD, you probably found out what works for you, so try and organise your work in a way that works for you. Make sure you know exactly what working conditions you thrive in and work together with your colleagues to create an environment that enables your best self.”




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