Why becoming a Software Tester is a great career move right now!

One of the fastest-growing fields within tech right now is software testing. Software testing makes sure digital products work smoothly, bug free and as intended. It’s a fundamental process required for quality assurance and protecting a company’s products, revenue and reputation. Software testing can really be the make or break of a successful product launch.

What does a software tester do?

A software tester is responsible for designing and running tests to identify any bugs, defects or issues that may be preventing any software running smoothly. They identify errors, missing requirements, or process gaps through manual testing or automated testing tools.

If you like the sound of it we have Software Testing Apprenticeship opportunities available right now with DWP across the UK, find out more here.

In any given period, a software tester’s role may include:

  • Reviewing software & product requirements
  • Uncovering & explaining defects, bugs or issues
  • Creating test scenarios for user experiences
  • Developing efficient testing systems and solutions
  • Communicating key findings to team members, developers and senior managers
  • Giving feedback and help around software design or function

The top 5 reasons why you should consider a career in software testing

There are many reasons why you might want to consider this career, but here are our top 5:

  • A future-proof career: Demand for software testers is high and increasing. Any product, website, app released online needs someone to make sure that everything is working correctly, with no bugs. Launching a product with faults can cause serious damage to a company’s reputation and revenue. Therefore software testers play an essential role for any company creating digital products. Nearly every company in the world will need to hire a software testing team or outsource testing to specialist firms.
  1. Remote working capabilities: This role is offered on a remote basis by many companies.
  2. Great salary: There is great money to be made in Software Testing:

Source: Checksalary.co.uk

  1. Ability to travel: Software testing is a highly desired role required across the globe, so if you fancy traveling and aspire to becoming a global nomad then this could be the career for you.
  2. Multiple progression routes: As companies become more digitally focused the progression routes for testers will flourish in multiple routes and directions. Currently you would typically start as a QA Analyst (Quality Assurance Analyst) and progress into a Management role. You may also have the opportunity to develop within a specialized area of testing such as Automation Testing, Performance testing or even Business analysis. If you develop your coding skills, you could even move across into more of a dev-ops career path. The world is your oyster!

Is your personality and skillset a great match for software testing?

You might be a great fit for a career in software testing if you:

  • Love to solve problems: You will really enjoy this role if you do!
  • Have great attention to detail: You spot the things that others might miss
  • Have good analytical skills: These will help you excel in discovering and resolving problems fast.
  • Have solid communication skills: Verbal and written communication skills are key to be able to report on your work and work with other team members in and outside your team.
  • Good time management skills: You need to manage your workflow efficiently as testing can be time critical.

If all the above is ticking your boxes…..then let’s discuss how you can career switch into software testing.

How to get into software testing?

You can enter this role with a computer science degree, attending a coding bootcamp course, completing an apprenticeship or gain the skills required through specialized ‘software testing’ training courses. Although you won’t be building code or fixing it, a knowledge of scripting or coding is preferred by employers and it will certainly widen your job and career growth opportunities.

Makers offer Software Testing Apprenticeships as well as apprenticeships in Software Development and Dev-Ops with some great future focused companies. Starting salaries are between £27,500 — £35,000 depending on location. We currently have DWP Software Testing Apprenticeship opportunities live across the UK, find out more here.

Some of Makers Coding Bootcamp alumni have also gone on to develop careers in Software Testing. Read Josh’s story below:

Josh’s story: From customer support to software tester at JustEat

Josh Ng decided to retrain as a software developer and then moved into testing after enjoying that part of his retraining course the most. After completing Makers Bootcamp Josh accepted a role as Associate Test Automation Engineer at Just Eat. He’s now wor



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