Working at Pusher: This is what Makers alumni had to say

As part of our alumni success series, we followed up with Pusher to see how our Makers were getting on. We were thrilled to be able to interview VP of Engineering, Sam Stagg who has some awesome perspectives on engineering culture, not to mention - a bucketload of enthusiasm for the product.

Pusher has hired a number of Makers engineers over the years, and currently employs resident superstar Ham Chapman. We were delighted to speak to Ham about his 3-year journey, in which he has progressed from junior to mid. He talks to us about his transition since completing the course:

“We love giving people the autonomy to work on things regardless of their level.”

Engineers at Pusher are able to make decisions that have the potential to greatly impact the company in the short term. In a team, you are constantly surrounded by individuals who have the ability and skills to expedite progress of any project by brainstorming the best possible solutions.

One of our values at Pusher is that people have strong opinions, loosely held.”

The individuals that work at Pusher are really passionate about what they do and take the time to engage in activities that’ll allow them to understand how their customers think and continue to expand their skill set.

“ The fundamentals that I picked up at Makers Academy and since working at Pusher can be applied to any language, problem or framework that you end up working with.”

“It’s the professionalism of the people you get at Makers. They’re very focused on doing the right thing, well.”

Overall, we could see that the team culture at Pusher is exactly the sort of place in which Makers thrive. If you’re interested in joining the team at Pusher, visit their careers page.

Want to find out more about the awesome careers our Makers get? Check out our Careers Support page.

Or if you’d like to join our network of awesome hiring partners, visit the employers site.

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