There’s no singular set path to becoming a world-class developer, and it’s never too late to begin all over again

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“During my school years, I gravitated towards creative subjects, such as Graphic Design, Film Studies, and the Creative and Media Diploma. About a year after starting in a job after university that wasn’t so creative, I started to miss it and went on the search,” says Louisa.

“Luckily, I came across Makers Academy, otherwise I would never have realised learning to code was a possibility for someone like me.” She decided to learn how to code then joined MedTech startup Echo.

(You can read more about Louisa’s story here.)

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Louisa, who retrained and now works at Echo

We love Louisa’s story and we see variations of it all the time. While it’s easy to think that anyone who works in tech has to have a computer science background and degree, the truth is very different. …



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