We loved the insights shared by Alice Lieutier when she was recently interviewed by Problem Busters

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Problem Busters is a podcast exploring simple solutions to complex problems, highlighting people with ideas and sharing them far and wide. Jonathan Goodwin and Oliver Happy share regular, inspiring episodes and recently they hosted our Head of Coaching, Alice.

In the episode, Alice discusses the issue of retraining and explains how teaching the world to code (in perfect harmony) is so important right now.

She talks about the boot camp model for learning to become a software developer and contrasts semester-length courses with the traditional route of three years at university.

She also shares what she has discovered about the process of teaching, talks diversity and how we need more women in tech. Finally, she shares how anyone can learn to code and breaks down perceived barriers to “becoming a software engineer”. …

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When you decide to switch careers to become a software developer, reading stories from other people in the community can be useful.

To encourage the Makers community to keep blogging, at the end of each quarter we select one overall winner from two categories: 1) all our current students and 2) alumni. They each win a £100 Amazon gift voucher.

We don’t pick the winners based on the number of hits: we pick based on the clarity of communication, an engaging narrative, and accessibility for those viewing it.

For Winter 2020, we’re thrilled to announce the winners are Symion Edwards and Josh Blumberg. …

After a decade as an orthopaedic therapist, David Papamichael retrained as a developer and shares lessons learned from 2020

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David and his cohort

For ten years, I was an orthopaedic therapist. I used to look at medical imaging, mainly spinal MRIs. I was at this age where I could just turn up at work and it was great but I knew what I was going to do. I knew pretty much what could possibly happen in the day. It was coasting along, and that’s why I wanted to get out.

We saw this thoughtful review by Louis on our Course Report page and figured others considering training at Makers might find helpful too — we’ve copied it verbatim below.

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You’ve had a dabble learning a programming language and decided you enjoy it — so the next step according to the internet is to get a portfolio, start contributing to open source projects and networking.

If you are reading this review, then you likely feel there is a step (or 10) missing.

The job requirements you’ve looked at all ask for a computer science degree or 1–2 years experience for junior developer roles. As your internet search desperation grows you begin to consider the validity of bootcamps but do they overpromise, are they a scam, are they glorified recruitment agencies?

Makers breeds confidence.

A makers mantra is they teach you how to learn. …

For us at Makers, it’s important that our team feels happy, energised, and comfortable in bringing their whole selves to work

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Health and wellbeing have always had a place at the top of the agenda at Makers. 2020 has placed the spotlight on the importance of this even more, which is why we decided to sign up to the London Healthy Workplace Award programme and focus on achieving our Foundation award.

The London Healthy Workplace Award is a scheme that help companies to make their workplace healthier, happier, and more productive through providing a framework for best practice that helps organisations assess their approach to health and wellbeing against a set of widely recognised standards. …

Well done to all our graduates!

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After countless hours of code, sweat and tears, four teams recently presented their final projects at Demo Day. Learn more about each of them below.

Team name: BrewKanoo

Members: Cristina, Linus, Ollie Smith, Richard

What was the inspiration behind the project? Creating a single-page WebApp that allows users to get started with homebrewing. Inspiration: passion for beers :)

What tech stack are you using and why? React.js using Create-React-App, deployed through Heroku

How are you finding learning new languages? It is challenging but satisfying. It takes a lot of googling to implement, but in the end, we manage to find solutions to issues.

Have you hit any challenges so far and if so what? Many! …

We recently ran a Masterclass with Octopus Ventures on mentorship — here are several key insights we left with

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Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash

Greatness only exists when your whole team is strong: one weak link reduces overall productivity dramatically. For scale-ups, a strong mentoring strategy is essential so as your team grows, each member is nurtured allowing the overall group to reach its full potential.

The issue? Senior developers and managers are not empowered with the training or frameworks they need to provide effective mentoring, whilst balancing their own engineering commitments.

We partnered with Octopus Ventures for an exclusive Masterclass, where experts shared advice on establishing mentoring programmes and how creating a culture of learning saves time and creates more effective developers. …

We’ve just launched a new ebook featuring advice from passionate software developers of the Makers community

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Here at Makers, we’re excited about playing a role in creating a new generation of tech talent — one that has people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

However, we know that the number of women in the tech sector has remained stagnant over the past 10 years. And we know that role models play a part. This is why we’ve taken a number of measures to help diversify the tech industry of tomorrow.

For starters, we run an annual Women in Software Power List celebrating some of the top rising stars in the UK coding community. We also offer a women’s discount to those applying to train at Makers, as well as having a new series of scholarship options available. …

Danny Attias, CDIO for our hiring partner blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan, was the leader in the UK’s most prestigious tech awards

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Established in 1974, Anthony Nolan is an incredible UK charity saving the lives of people with blood cancer who need a stem cell transplant. They are also one of Makers’ hiring partners (you can read more about our work with Anthony Nolan here).

We’re thrilled to announce that their Chief Digital & Information Officer Danny Attias has topped the CIO 100. A big congratulations from all of us at Makers, Danny!

The CIO 100 recognises the most transformational and disruptive CIOs in and from the UK, and showcases technology and business leaders driving change at their organisations through teams.

There’s no singular set path to becoming a world-class developer, and it’s never too late to start a new professional adventure

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Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

“During my school years, I gravitated towards creative subjects, such as Graphic Design, Film Studies, and the Creative and Media Diploma. About a year after starting in a job after university that wasn’t so creative, I started to miss it and went on the search,” says Louisa.

“Luckily, I came across Makers Academy, otherwise I would never have realised learning to code was a possibility for someone like me.” She decided to learn how to code then joined MedTech startup Echo.

(You can read more about Louisa’s story here.)



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